Posted by: Charndra at Tribal Baby | May 12, 2009

Elimination Communication is Enjoyed by All Types of Families – 5 Benefits of Baby Pottying

Baby Pottying Leading Edge in Environmentally Sustainable Diapering Practices.

With the current real concern for our planet, families all over the world are returning to the idea of a gradual reduction of baby related waste that naturally happens when practicing Elimination Communication. It’s combined with diapers – of any sort, and some modern or traditional cloth diapers for best communication to reduce the amount of diapers needing to be washed or that are thrown into landfill.

You can gain valuable tips about infant potty training by reading real-life EC stories from the experts – the mothers and their babies who are or have practiced EC successfully. Learn from YOUR baby…

5 Lifestyle Benefits Families Practicing Elimination Communication Enjoy:

1. A holistic approach to hygiene care for baby: being part time diaper free is a lifestyle, not a ‘method’.

2. A team effort within family members for helping baby to stay clean and dry.

3. Traveling lighter – less diapers needed, spare socks and pants in the car or bag, a bag for wet things, knowing where the toilets are.

4. Not needing to use a rickety looking, grubby-looking change table in poky drafty places if they don’t want to…

5. The Ultimate in flexibility and adaptability… use diapers casually, as a tool.

Part-time, moderation, flexibility, relaxed, easy, natural.. all these words describe your ideal attitude to infant potty training or elimination communication. Part Time EC is an online resource to explore this ancient way of connecting with your baby to manage their hygiene needs in a way that has a lower environmental impact.

Find your own way to EC confidence by exploring the stories of families practicing EC from New Zealand to Norway; you’ll find an approach that mirrors your own lifestyle for sure! Think of EC as an ancient dance of communication – a wonderful form of teamwork between you and your baby. You strive to help your baby to understand their body and to help them to stay clean and dry as best you can.


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