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Night Time Elimination Communication


 Night Time Elimination Communication

It is tricky to get the right balance at first, but night EC is just SO empowering!Pearls for the wee small hours: Night time communication
From the start we changed Maven at each feed, and gave him a pee-opp. By about two months he rarely pooped at night, so we were willing to try nappy free, plus I was better able to sit up in bed by then. I kept a box of tissues nearby in case he did a poo. He has never had a poop accident in bed, just a couple of ‘farty snarts’. At just over eight weeks we had our first completely nappy-free night, with Maven peeing into his bowl when he roused for a feed. It was awesome!

A tiny naked baby in a dry bed all night long, imagine that! 

Stunningly empowering to a new Mum! We then had our next successful night at eleven weeks. From then I’d have a ‘go’ every few nights until I gained more confidence.  From about three and a half months I was regularly peeing him at night. I’d have a break when needed, though. Many early misses were ‘just’ misses – still warm. We need fifteen seconds of disturbance to awaken, and I took a while to respond quickly sometimes. It was funny how some nights I’d incorporate Maven’s squirming into my dreams, only to have a miss! As in the day time, his awareness of sensations and control has improved, and so has mine, so that by seven months misses were very uncommon.

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