Posted by: Charndra at Tribal Baby | June 17, 2009

The Rising Trend of Green Living

Author: Paul Hata

Green living is an attempt to carry out our life in an environmentally friendly and responsible manner and practices the conservation of resources,recycling, sustainability, green building, alternative energy and other environmental topics.It is also an attempt to minimize the size of our ecological footprints.

All across the globe, green living is now on the rise. In many cities across the world, recycling has taken off and in some cases it has become part of people’s lifestyle. It is also a necessity to many cultures that have limited resources and do not have the funds to buy new items constantly.

In recent years, many eco-friendly cleaning and pesticide products have been developed for use in the home. Instead of chemical-based aerosols, more natural ingredients are used in the cleaning agents and bug-killing aerosols. These are better for you and the environment.

Organic gardening is also gaining popularity. By eliminating the harsh chemicals that are released into the air and soil, they make all living things and the environment healthier.

Many green living enthusiasts have taken to walking and riding bicycles to help save the air from the toxic emission of vehicles. Carpool is also one other way to reduce the traffic. In this way, they help the air become more breathable again.

By using more biodegradable products that can be easily recycled we can help to keep the landfills from growing out of hand with all the trash that we throw out which would not break down or will just contaminate the environment.

Many have turned to cutting down on energy costs by using less energy in their homes. This is much better for the environment. Most energy saving tips is inexpensive and easy for anyone to follow.

Water usage is coming down over the last decade. As more people are aware of global warming, more people will try to save the water supply by using less water in their daily activities.

Some people are even choosing to repair the broken appliances instead of sending them off to the landfill. This not only helps the environment, but also saves people a lot of money in some cases. If it can be easily repaired, why not avoid throwing a perfectly good item away?

The bottom line is – more people are starting to care about the planet. By doing everything they can, the earth will continue to be a wonderful place to live for future generations that will inhabit it.

About the Author:

Paul Hata is active in various social and community programs aimed at providing equal access to education,health and jobs to all.Paul has over 10 years experience in managing a multi-million dollar advertising company.Paul can be reached at –

Article Source: ArticlesBase.comThe Rising Trend of Green Living


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