Posted by: Charndra at Tribal Baby | June 18, 2009

Wow, chuffed to be published on…

I’ve been visiting lots of ECO and Green Blogs lately, and thought I might as well see if they had any information on baby pottying as a way to reduce waste, one’s carbon footprint – and help save our planet from mountains of disposable diaper waste!

I’m excited to find that quite a few have been happy to post the articles I am sending. Here’s a snippet:

Let’s have a look at the benefits that just one less diaper means:

• 1 less throwaway diaper means – fewer diapers in landfills.

• 1 less cloth diaper means – a smaller washing load to do.

• 1 less disposable diaper each day over 2.5 years will save you over $410.

Each time you “save” a diaper, you are reducing your use of throwaway wipes, plastic diaper bags, and the overall amount of washing you’ll need to do.

Start Baby Pottying!

Discovering how to practice some EC skills with your baby will help you use fewer diapers in a gradual, natural way. Begin by offering your baby the potty when they wake up; often the need to pee wakes them, as it does us! If you’d popped a clean diaper on your baby before their nap and they woke up dry then did a tinkle in the potty, you’ve saved 1 diaper, just like that! Tomorrow, aim to save one more.

Have Daily Diaper-Free Time

* Air your baby’s “cheeks” daily – it’s good for their skin and it’s good for the earth! Simply grab a towel that will be going into the wash soon or a washable, waterproof mat for your baby to roll about on. Experiencing diaper-less moments will help your baby to stay aware of their body, and help you become more accustomed to their body language when they are ready to “go.”


The Zerofootprint group of companies empowers communities, businesses, and organizations to live ingeniously in a low carbon world. We do green.

The group is currently comprised of three distinct but related organizations: Zerofootprint Not-for-Profit, Zerofootprint Software and Zerofootprint Carbon.



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