Posted by: Charndra at Tribal Baby | June 19, 2009

“How Does Practicing EC Enhance the Bond Shared With Your Baby?” at Baby Development News..

I’ve been regularly having articles related to aspects of Elimination Communication published at Baby Development News.

This is the latest one:

Practicing the ancient art of Baby Pottying Helps You to Feel Closely Connected to your Baby’s Development.

Getting your baby part-time nappy free is possible through EC or elimination communication. This is an ancient approach to baby hygiene that involves getting to know your baby’s patterns and rhythms of elimination. Then, together as a cooperative team, you can catch some of their business in a potty, potty bowl or other suitable place.

Yes, you will still use nappies, despite what some dreadful articles and TV shows love to sensationalise!

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Baby Development News is all about:

Practical Advice For Best Baby Development

Here’s the welcome message:

Baby Development News is all about ensuring your baby masters and fully develops all his or her natural skills, abilities and talents during the first 24 months. Here we are looking at practical, proven things you can do right now to achieve exactly that.

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  1. Practicing EC from birth has further enhanced how tuned in to my baby I am, as I also understand not only his toileting needs, but other needs as well. The level of communication we have is heightened and therefore our connection is stronger because we have a great understanding of each other. While I was very closely bonded to my first two children, I did not practice EC with them. Practicing EC has has contributed to the closeness I have and want to have with this baby. The thrill of understanding a pre-verbal child is estatic. It is a communication that I think almost becomes telepathic.

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