Posted by: Charndra at Tribal Baby | June 20, 2009

“Part 2: The Diaper Free Baby: Elimination Communication” at Recycle Your Day…

Part Two in an interview with Christine Gross-Loh, who wrote “The Diaper Free Baby” (you’ll find a bit of my story in there, from when Maven was 10 months old!)

What is the toughest part of EC?

I think the toughest part is self-doubt, because we live in a society where cultural knowledge of EC has been lost and is only recently being recovered. You may feel like you are the only parent around who is practicing EC. It can feel  empowering and exciting to be on the cutting edge, but also isolating. Fortunately a little networking will help you realize you’re not alone at all. There are many ways to reach other EC’ers. DiaperFreeBaby puts EC’ing parents in touch with each other through real-life and online groups and regularly publishes information for EC’ing families.

Read more about Christine’s thoughts and experiences with EC…


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