Posted by: Charndra at Tribal Baby | June 21, 2009

“Imagine $15,000 off your mortgage!” Just from Using Cloth Nappies! From The Scoop

“Even the cheapest disposable nappies cost more than using cloth. With our 6th child nearly out of nappies now, we have estimated that we have saved $15,000 by using cloth nappies for all of our children… I have bought 4 dozen nappies over the years and have been given 4-5 dozen (seconds). I use pins and plastic pants which I wash by hand – no nappy rash either. I have never bought a pull-up when toilet training. I just use trainer pants and when I go out I pop a cloth nappy on the child if I’m not feeling confident that the child will ‘hold-on’ or not. I agree cloth nappies do take more time, but really it’s not that much work. Imagine $15,000 off your mortgage!”

Visit the “Money Saving Nappies” article…


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