Posted by: Charndra at Tribal Baby | June 23, 2009

See a Cue? Catch a Poo! – A Family Blogs About Elimination Communication.

This is where we keep track of our elimination communication (EC) journey. EC is the practice of learning and watching for a baby’s elimination cues and catching her poo and wee (in potties, toilets, buckets, and sinks) rather than leaving her to soil herself. It’s about strengthening communication between baby and parents and keeping baby in touch with the natural awareness of her elimination urges, which she is born with.

Elimination Communication With A 1 Year Old…

 We’re plodding along, content with part-time ECing. We catch almost every poo, and the older she gets the more obvious her poo signals become. We catch all her wee’s after she has had a sleep and most of the one’s after she’s had a feed. Her wee signaling never really returned after she learned to crawl, so we’ve stuck to the timing catches and little more.

A lovely blog, I’m going to contact the author about sharing her story so far on my Part Time EC sites “Adventures in Baby Pottying”

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