Posted by: Charndra at Tribal Baby | July 6, 2009

‘Mayim Bialik on “Elimination Communication”’ at Baby Centre

More articles talking about actor Mayim Bialik practicing EC:

Mayim explains how EC works:

“The fact is, it’s a huge time commitment to observe and learn the signals that babies give when they are born, and when they go to the bathroom. With my first son I started at six months, and it was pretty difficult. With our second son we started at day two and it was not very difficult. I do believe babies are born potty-trained. They’re born knowing, and are able to give subtle signals that become very prominent if you reinforce them.

The entire concept is not to potty train them, it’s not to do reward and punishment, I don’t clap my hands and say, ‘Good job.’ It’s a very Zen, meditative experience of learning the signals, being able to respond to the signals. The level of communication you can achieve with an infant is really profound.”

These articles are mostly re-hashes of each other, however, I like to read the comments. see who is for or against the idea – and add my own comment too!

Read More at BabyCentre:  Mayim Bialik on “elimination communication”


P.S I really enjoy reading how people find and respond to beginning EC. You can see some insights right here…


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