Posted by: Charndra at Tribal Baby | September 7, 2009

Our “EC” Journey… a personal blog

Our “EC” Journey
My journal of learning elimination communication (or infant potty training) with sweet baby Noble.

An excerpt:


When we first started this, I mainly used the clock as to when to take Noble to the potty. He started out mainly needing to go upon waking in the morning and naps immediately, then 10 minute increments until he ate, or went back to sleep.
Then the past week or more the increments when from 10 to 20 minutes in between.
This past week though we have made a turning point in that I am noticing the signals he gives me to pee! He usually starts “talking” right before he begins to pee, or if he’s tired he may fuss a little. While sleeping at night he’ll just start to squirm around, which I had figured that one out in the beginning.

The neat part is that when I take him to the sink to potty, he usually goes immediately. Yet if he does not need to go, I can tell that he is bearing down and trying to go. He will either pass gas or I can see by his belly he is trying to push something out.

So something is definitely clicking in his little brain to know what our sink is for (or potty when I feel like squatting down to put him on it).


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