Posted by: Charndra at Tribal Baby | October 28, 2009

Part Time Diaper Free! Can Just 1 Less Diaper Make a Difference?


One Less Diaper at a Time = EC!

I joined Greenwala a while back – they often have great contest ideas like the “Tree Hugging” Photo contest – cute!

The latest I learnt this morning in the newsletter is:

What’s Your Story?Greenwala and want your help identifying stories about the most amazing eco-friendly, environmentally-conscious companies, products and services on the planet.

Submit a photo of the company (product, logo, or representative image) and a description – up to 500 words about how it is helping to reduce our impact on the planet and revolutionize the green economy. The story that gets the most votes will win a $500 Amex Gift card — and a featured article about the company, product or service on the Greenwala blog.

Greenwala is planting an additional tree for each entry with Trees For the Future.

I thought it was a great opportunity to spread the word about baby pottying as a way to be more eco-conscious about baby-waste!

Here is my entry:

Part Time Diaper Free! Can Just 1 Less Diaper Make a Difference?

Recycling is Great – Reducing is Better. With Baby Pottying You Will Reduce Your Babys Diaper Use!

Part Time Diaper Free is an initiative to support you as a parent of a baby in diapers to gradually REDUCE the environmental impact of your baby.

What if your baby wore just 1 less diaper a day?

Imagine the collective waste reduction of that simple idea, considering the millions of babies born each year and the billions of diapers trashed into landfill…

By discovering how to apply, to your usual day, several opportunities for your baby to ‘go’ in a baby potty, you can introduce them to the potty and participate in a natural process that has been a part of mothering for as long as women have been having babies!

Imagine this: Your baby needs a diaper change. You take them to the diaper change table, remove it, then pop them on a little potty and sing a potty song, and give a little sign or cue word – and they tinkle or more! Just like that, the next fresh diaper you put on will be drier for longer. In time, you will start communicating with your baby in a back and forth way, and less diapers will be the result.

Be reassured that with Baby Pottying, your baby wears a diaper between their potty visits, and you can offer just once a day and see how you go – easy! You might just see the end of many messy diaper changes before long, so be prepared for that…

My story is that I discovered how much FUN it was to ‘practice’ baby pottying, known by the cumbersome term ‘Elimination Communication’, and felt fabulous about how we used less and less diapers with our baby. So I wanted to share that joy with other parents, helping more babies to use fewer diapers overall, and helping our Earth in the process. I created part-time diaper free as a way to do that!

Created by Charndra Josling, Part Time Diaper Free! exists to help you to re-discover the way mothers before you reduced their use of diapers gently, gradually, resulting in fine eco-karma as your babys eco-footprint is smaller. With lots of resources to help out, including a free online guided tour (The 7 Secrets to Diaper Free Confidence) and a members only online course as well.

‘Diaper-Free’ is the destination, not the start, remember that!

Curious? Pop by…

Visit Part Time Diaper Free!

If you have a moment, please visit Greenwala to vote for my entry – and other great eco ideas from all over the place – one vote per entry is allowed per day.



  1. We are going to try EC with #3. Didn’t hear about it til after #2, but am sold! Even if I only do partial EC, I am determined to not use diapers:D

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