Posted by: Charndra at Tribal Baby | December 22, 2009

Infant Potty Training – What’s it REALLY Like? The Truth About This ‘Green’ Style Of Baby Hygiene Care

“I was reading about potty training and there are a lot of people that are “Infant Potty Training” and they hardly use any diapers at all! There’s no way could I be alert 24/7 waiting for that tinkle! Although it must be a very green way to raise a baby. What do you know about Baby Pottying?”

That is a common question on parenting forums, and here’s an answer to this basic question…

What is Infant Potty Training REALLY Like? Do people stare at their baby all day every day?

No. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week isn’t the reality!

Infant potty training is a bit of a mis-nomer – simply worded that way to make it at least accessible to those curious about what mothers did before diapers were an option. It is ‘training’ in the sense of guidance, gentle learning and support…

In reality, Infant Potty Training is not about ‘potty training’ and it is nothing like what you do with a toddler who has been trained to pee and poo in their own clothes for several years. (Rewards, charts, expecting them to go there and do it all themselves)

‘EC’ or Elimination Communication is a more accurate (if cumbersome) word for it – as it is simply communicating with your baby about their elimination needs. I like the term Baby Pottying. I’ve found it enhances other aspects of our relationship, too – such as supporting breastfeeding and simply having a wider understanding of what might be causing baby distress – needing to go poo!

Often when this concept is first introduced on a forum, a bunch of people jump on board shrieking about it, when in fact they have no experience or idea, and assume people do it slavishly 24 / 7 with no diapers, and do horrible things like forcing babies to go, or holding them on a potty until they go.

No, that isn’t EC at all.

EC is a gentle, respectful and cooperative process!

What REALLY happens is people gently and lovingly give their baby the opportunity to do their business in a baby potty or special bowl, rather than ONLY allowing them to go in their pants. Perhaps at first only when they are having a diaper change – the diaper is off already…then the diaper GOES BACK ON THE BABY! (Imagine THAT! Would using a diaper between potty visits make it easier? Of course!) Then perhaps when the baby wakes they offer too – as, like us, babies often wake to go…

Babies are going to wee and poo anyway – but you can communicate as a team to ‘catch’ some of that waste and flush it away. That’s the wonderful thing about Baby Pottying – enhancing the relationship with your baby into these new areas. Parents often know more about the natural rhythms of their baby than they realize. Practicing EC simply adds some extra skills – reducing ‘unexplained’ crying – which is REALLY helpful with a tiny little newborn!

Check out Part Time Diaper Free and take a free guided tour into EC if you have a small baby under about one, or will have one soon – you’ll see what a gentle and benign practice this ancient form of baby hygiene care actually is…

EC is great for the environment – REDUCING the use of diapers – even one less diaper at a time is a great goal.

The Ultimate Green Baby Is The One Who Isn’t ‘Using’ The Diaper They Are Wearing!

Infant Pottying is something more and more mothers are integrating into their lives – perhaps consider a spot of baby pottying with your next baby. It’s great fun. When it’s not, your baby is in a diaper, no big deal.



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