Posted by: Charndra at Tribal Baby | January 5, 2010

How Just One Less Diaper at a Time Can Help The Environment! Reduce the Carbon Footprint of Your Baby…

You can gradually reduce the carbon footprint of your baby with Baby Pottying or Elimination Communication.

(Did you see the word ‘gradually’ in that sentence?) Gradually is there because you can ease into EC slowly, taking baby steps to gain your confidence and discover some EC tools with your baby to reduce your use of diapers in time…

Imagine if every baby wore just one less diaper each day because Mom and Dad are dabbling in baby pottying? That means millions less disposable diapers will be tossed in the bin.

EC, or Elimination Communication, is an ancient approach to baby hygiene that involves getting to know your baby’s patterns and rhythms of elimination so that, together as a cooperative team, you can ‘catch’ some of their business in a potty, potty bowl or other suitable place. Yes, you will still use diapers, despite what some dreadful articles and T.V shows love to sensationalize!

Being ‘Part-Time Diaper Free’ is perhaps a more accurate term, as you use nappies some of the time, or training pants, sometimes diaper-free time. You can certainly use diapers or other reusable cloth options as backup between potty visits. I do, and I have practiced EC since birth with both my children.

Let’s have a look at the benefits that just one less diaper means:

1 less throwaway diaper means – fewer diapers in landfill.
1 less cloth diaper means – a smaller washing load to do.
1 less disposable diaper each day over 2.5 years will save you over $410.

Each time you ‘save’ a diaper, you are reducing your use of throwaway wipes, plastic diaper bags, or the overall amount of washing you’ll need to do.

What can you do to use 1 less diaper? Here are 3 Simple Ideas:

Buy Your First Reusable Modern Cloth Nappy

You’ll save the cost of a disposable each time your baby wears it while discovering how easy and effective cloth is to use, leading you to more savings! By starting with 1 cloth diaper you’ll be introduced to the reusable cloth versions of all diaper accessories. By starting with one, you’ll save money so that you can invest the savings in more environmentally friendly options, the eco disposables that are compostable or flushable.

Visit my Visual Cloth Diaper Directory…

Visit My Visual Modern Cloth Nappy Directory…

Start Baby Pottying!

Discovering how to practice some EC skills with your baby will help you to use fewer diapers in a gradual, natural way. Begin by offering your baby the potty when they wake up – often the need to pee wakes them, as it does us! If you’d popped a clean diaper on your baby before their nap and they woke up dry then did a tinkle in the potty, you’ve ‘saved’ 1 diaper, just like that! Tomorrow, aim to save one more…

Using Washable Training Pants is helpful when practising Elimination Communication…

Have Daily Diaper Free Time

Air your baby’s ‘cheeks’ daily – it’s good for their skin and it’s good for the Earth! Simply grab a washable, waterproof mat for your baby to roll about on. Or use a towel that will be going into the wash soon. Experience diaper-less will help your baby to stay aware of their body and for you to become more accustomed to their body language when they ‘go’.

Start with one. One less diaper used today, whatever sort it may be!

Strive with your baby to christen that potty! It is quite addictive. You’ll save money as you develop new ways to share this excitement with your baby, and be working together to protect the environment. It is something high in our consciousness these days because we are thinking about the Earth that we will leave our babies, after all…

Keep in mind: the most environmentally friendly diaper is the one you don’t use today!

– Charndra

Pop over to Charndra’s website on part time Baby Pottying, or – you can join to receive a free e-course introducing you to the Secrets of EC Confidence. Over 40 Potty Songs, plenty of tips, resources and helpful ideas to make your journey easing into EC very smooth indeed.

Give EC a go! It’s good for the Earth.

Copyright by Tribal Baby © 2009 Charndra Josling


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