Posted by: Charndra at Tribal Baby | January 14, 2010

Elimination Communication When Traveling on a Plane: 7 Tips.

I recently saw a question from a Mom about to travel on a plane and wanting some tips to continue practicing EC.

This was my reply!

Elimination Communication When Traveling on a Plane: 7 Tips.

– It is common for babies to ‘let go’ on ascent and descent – the pressure changes apparently.

Make your trip less stressful by taking backup:

Here are 7 Tips for EC when Traveling on a Plane:

  1. Use a potty in a wetbag, if necessary, you can just ZIP it UP! Or pour pee into a jar, wipe up with a wet wipe in a zip-loc bag.
  2. Use a sanitary pad in a wet bag (a wetbag as you can dip baby’s butt in it and easily cover things without too much bulk of a potty).
  3. Put a sanitary pad, actually a disposable breastpad in a potty to catch wees so spills are not a stress. (and little waste)
  4. Use a disposable as the potty. Open, pee baby into it, roll it up, pop away for later; put them back in dry pants.
  5. Planes can be dehydrating, travel in general, (air con) so less wee needs overall most likely. Expect less needs, BUT planes can be very exciting – you may find MANY requests to check out that interesting toilet cubicle! Plus the pressure may play with their body awareness?
  6. We’ve found travel EC easy – there are less distractions, baby is always right there, so signals / needs easier to spot or be aware of. relax and be openly aware, that’ll do.
  7. Remember diaper free is the destination – it is not a rule of EC – your baby can wear a diaper for backup and your peace of mind (and those around you) even though you don’t intend they must use it…

Relax, go with the flow, it won’t be so bad! Ec when traveling on a plane is just another activity.

If you’d like to read the tips of other Moms, check out the original thread at the Mothering Dot Com EC forum…

– Charndra

P.S. What have some of your experiences been when practicing EC on a plane?


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