Posted by: Charndra at Tribal Baby | January 18, 2010

Elimination Communication: 3 Tips to Start This Natural Alternative to Toilet Or Potty Training…

Making toilet learning a natural part of your baby or young toddlers learning process is key to not having to stress over ‘potty training’

You can be part-time diaper free by practicing a little baby pottying from as early as you like – a fussing baby is often a signal that your baby needs your help to ‘go’!

Our babies gradually and slowly learn to eat, crawl, play, talk, walk – they can learn to use the toilet in much the same naturally evolving way. You may need to get a few paradigm shifts going to help them though, as our society currently favours doing nothing but cleaning up after them until they are 3 or more.

There is elimination communication – a cumbersome word that gives you the best of all worlds: using diapers and helping your baby use the potty at the same time. EC is a great way to reduce all forms of diaper waste and washing.

Elimination Communication: Here Are 3 Tips to Start This Natural Alternative to Potty Training:

1. Start With Regular Diaper Free Time

By starting as early as you like by giving your baby daily diaper free time you are helping them stay aware of the processes of their body, rather than ‘numbing them’ with a disposable diaper. Throwaway diapers are so absorbent some children become unaware of when they go, causing stress and potential problems later on. Other kids always retain a strong body awareness regardless; these are the ones who ‘toilet train themselves’. Using cloth diapers goes a long way to helping your baby retain their elimination awareness.

2. Offer an Opportunity When Your Baby Wakes Up

By offering your baby the opportunity to pee in a baby potty when they wake up with a dry diaper and as you wait for their bath to fill means the potty is a familiar bit of household furniture – there is no uncertainty around it, nothing to ‘learn’. You’ll catch pees and poops this way; have a cheer! Sing a potty song! Your baby then toddler will feel happy and relaxed about using a toilet place. Potty Cheers are little ditties to sing when they do a wee in the potty, my sons love them! I’ve collected over 40 potty songs and cheers at Part Time Diaper Free

3. Cultivate a Relaxed and Natural Attitude to Toilet Learning in Your Home

With a gradual, natural and integrated approach to toilet learning that is central to practicing EC, you will feel calm and relaxed about a gradual path to toilet independence, and not stressing about having to suddenly ‘train’ your child that going in their pants is no longer an option now that they are ‘x’ in age. You’ll *know* when they are up for each new stage of developing the skills of independent toilet use, rather than being overwhelmed with looking for ‘readiness signs’ which may never all appear at the same time!

Being part-time diaper free means… flexibility.

Helping your baby to use a baby potty or to ‘toilet’ is great fun! How and when to start varies with each family. It means different things when your baby is a tiny newborn to when they are crawling, to when they are toddlers. NOW is the best time to start – when you have learnt about this different form of natural toilet learning.

Give it a go!

– Charndra

Pop over to Charndra’s website on part time Baby Pottying, or – you can join to receive a free e-course introducing you to the Secrets of EC Confidence. Over 40 Potty Songs, plenty of tips, resources and helpful ideas to make your journey easing into EC very smooth indeed.

Give EC a go! It’s good for the Earth.


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