Posted by: Charndra at Tribal Baby | February 2, 2010

What is the Easiest Way to Start Using Less Nappies With EC? 5 Important Reasons for Daily Nappy-Free Time…

Does Your Baby Already Have Nappy Free Time?

Daily Nappy Free Time Helps Baby Develop and Retain Their Body Awareness

Daily Nappy Free Time is fun for baby, and good for their skin...

Babies love nappy free time. It is very important to their development to have the free wheeling experience of moving their bodies without clothing barriers, and it’s great fun!

Nappy Free Time is easy – simply consider warmth, surface protection and some relaxed time.

Using a waterproof mat to protect baby from cold or hard surfaces, and protect surfaces from wetness is a good idea.

You’ll be contributing less disposables to landfill straight away – and baby isn’t confined in a nappy!

What Does Regular Nappy Free Time Mean Overall?

  • Less time in a nappy, meaning less chance of nappy rashes.
  • More time for baby to be in tune with the rhythms of their body.
  • Less time in a nappy means fewer nappies will be used, and less carbon dioxide and other waste by-products going into the atmosphere and natural environment. That means less waste and pollution.
  • The simplest way to begin your elimination communication.

5 Reasons Why Nappy-Free Time is Important for Your Baby:

1. Airing Sensitive Little Bottoms.

Practicing EC is how lots of families help their baby avoid or recover from the painful condition of nappy rash.

2. Leg Kicking and Full Skin Sensation.

Babies love kicking their legs. Their skin is their largest sensory organ, and they learn volumes from touch every day.

3. Balancing Back and Belly Time.

Time on their bellies is very important to aid normal development of their back and abdominal muscles. Nappy Free time helps us to find a balance between back and belly time.

4. Elimination Awareness.

Because baby feels themselves weeing, sees the liquid emerging, notices the warmth, they are learning what it feels like AS they go, and begin recognising what it’s like before they go.

5. Noticing Baby’s Patterns of Elimination.

Nappy free time can help you to gain a clearer understanding of baby’s patterns of elimination. When they are on a waterproof surface that will quickly wick moisture away, you can RELAX and observe openly.

Here Are 3 Suggestions for A Spot of Nappy Freedom:

  • As you run baby’s bath
  • After taking off their sleeping clothes before dressing
  • When baby is happy for some floor time by the window

A bit of nappy free time is probably something you do anyway – why not turn it into an easy learning experience for both you and your baby? Even a few minutes several times a day will help your baby in many areas of their development.

It is the simplest way to be start being part time nappy free, and meanwhile you help prevent pollution by using less nappies.

Imagine if every baby used just ONE less nappy each day…

Give EC a go!


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