Posted by: Charndra at Tribal Baby | February 22, 2010

Elimination Communication: EC is All About the Communication. ‘Catches’ Are a Bonus! 7 Keys To Know….

In a Nutshell, Elimination Communication is About The Communication With Your Baby

You strive to gain new understandings of your baby as you build a loving relationship of trust between you.

In time, you will use fewer diapers or nappies as you inevitably ‘catch’ their eliminations in a potty or special bowl. EC is something you begin at home, in the quiet times with your baby.

Baby Pottying has Many benefits For Families. Here Are 7 Important Things To Know About EC:

1. It is about helping your baby to go ‘to the toilet’ somewhere other than a diaper, some of the time, then more of the time as they grow!

2. It is about learning to observe baby’s bodily rhythms, body language and practicing responding in such a way that your connection is enhanced, benefiting your whole relationship.

3. It is about sometimes anticipating the needs of a pre-verbal human being and experiencing their joy that you understand them. You strive to improve your bond.

4. It is about gently supporting their instinctual awareness of their body and attempting to understand them, and helping them feel ‘relieved’.

5. It is about using diapers as a tool rather than a necessity, about reducing the ‘ecological footprint’ of waste generated by a brand new human. Why start a lifetime with 2 tonnes of waste when there can be much less as you have fun connecting with your baby?

6. It is about enhancing your connection and understanding of your baby’s needs – often into other areas of their care, and this is really empowering!

7. It is gentle and responsive, or it is not EC. YOU can do it with your baby’s help! Part Time EC has fun and free resources to aid your ‘Easing into EC’.

EC, or baby pottying is an ancient art, practiced for thousands of years all over the world, and is again emerging as a viable strategy in the face of the mounting pollution of disposable diapers and the cost of all diaper choices.

You can be part time diaper free, using diapers between potty visits just as your Granny may have done some years ago. When using Modern Cloth Diapers, you can significantly reduce your washing load, another way of having control over your environmental footprint.

Give EC a go!



  1. I am glad to see this blog. Tribal Baby has been one of my go-to websites and I point people to it all the time. Before I even had my first, I had decided to do EC and read up to prepare myself.

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