EC Around the Web

One of the aims of this blog (it’s a ‘playing’ blog for me, finding out how they work) is to link to the resources about EC around the web. I set up a category just for doing this.

In this category I am linking to the interesting, positive and negative and at times hilariously misinterpreted articles about elimination communication and infant potty training as the topic is introduced in various online parenting resources, magazines or blogs.

It may be an article by a reporter with an obvious bias for or (usually) against EC, often as they have zero experience with the concept.

On these articles I strive to add a link to my part-time baby pottying resources. That way, as well as gaining a link to my site to help searching,  for those people reading articles with negative bias who are still intrigued or curious or simply open minded about other parenting ideas, they can explore a resource that actually gives them the chance to get started in a positive way. They can then be led to other positive online resources about elimination commuinication.

It may be an excerpt from a personal blog from someone discovering EC for the first time with their baby, and sharing this ancient concept with their blog visitors.

For those beginning their EC journey, I like to invite them to visit my sites and join my guided tour into beginning elimination communication, The 7 Sectrets to Developing Your EC Confidence to help them on their way!

Click here to see the archive of all posts that are spotlighting EC and IPT around the web..


P.S Please suggest any links to articles, resources and so on about EC that I can mention – I have a list that are scheduled, but you may find something I don’t – especially if it is your blog!


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